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Charlie Hunter

With a career spanning 16 years and almost 20 albums, Charlie Hunter consistently ups his game as an innovative writer and bandleader. He has worked with the likes of Norah Jones , Mos Def, John Mayer, D’Angelo and countless others. He is widely considered the authority on the seven and eight - string guitar, and continues to stun audiences with his ability to simultaneously bust out tasty bass parts, melodic leads and swinging rhythms.

Hunter has previously recorded for the venerable Blue Note label, Concord, Ropeadope, GroundUP and others. His recent independent venture is steered by his motivation to release music that most inspires him. Critics have touted his genius technique, but it's his profound artistic sensibility that propels his original music. Hunter's signature style of writing and performing has secured his place as one of today's great guitarists.

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Clay Conner

I have been building and repairing all types of instruments since 1996. I learned my trade by apprenticeship, first at Hamer guitars and later for innovative west coast luthier, Ralph Novak. I formed Clay Conner Guitars in 2005 to explore my own designs. In November of 2009 I relocated to Raleigh, NC to join the crew at Guru Guitars.  I currently run the shop at Hybrid Guitars Co. and I also build custom instruments under my own name.


Wes Lambe

Around the early 2000s, endless hours of repairing, restoring and building led his restless spirit to new frontiers of design. He became widely known for his his seven and eight-stringed fanned-fret* guitars, baritone acoustics, and tenor guitars. During this time Lambe also began building custom instruments for Moog Music. Wes built all of the Moog Custom Shop guitars and Lapsteels. Among his hundreds of customers: David Crosby, Pat Metheny, Charlie Hunter, Sean Lennon, Trent Reznor, Mike League, and Nels Cline. www.wlguitars.com