U7 Carved top


This one truly is universal. It can be a standard single output baritone tuned 7, a George Van Eps style 7 string (low A or low G), tuned up with a high "A" on top, or Split the bottom 3 strings off to a bass amp and the top 4 strings to a guitar amp for a  Charlie Hunter style dual output guitar.

Universal 7 Carved Top "Studio" (One Pickup) -$4495

Universal 7 Carved Top "Deluxe" (Two Pickups) - $4795

  • Mahogany Body

  • Hand-carved Flame, Quilt, or Plain Maple top.

  • Feaux binding top strip (standard binding available)

  • Carbon fiber reinforced Maple neck with 2-way truss rod.

  • Tru-oil neck finish for silky smooth speed and comfort

  • Custom Kent Armstrong Mono/Stereo switchable humbuckers.

  • Ebony Fretboard

  • Ebony Peghead overlay and pickguard

  • Chrome or Black hardware

  • Switchable Dual/Single output

  • Custom TKL endbound case

  • Lifetime warranty

Studio- Single pickup